the first time he kissed me,
he said that my lips were sweetened
with vodka and maybe a shot of tequila
because i was the kind of girl
who never really knew which one
was better,
and he told me that that was probably
why he didn’t know me, either

and when my mother called over the phone
to check whether i was doing homework,
my hands were shaking shaking shaking
like an ocean ripple without a tide to
overcome my bearings,
and i forgot that my wrists were even

my friends asked me why i always looked
drunk even though i was sober, and i almost
said that it was probably because my teeth
were rotting over every mistake i’ve spilled
my mouth on, every damn shot i’ve ever
plastered on my lips, and when my first
boyfriend kissed me, he asked me why
i was so bitter, even though he tasted like
sad poetry

so i slip my tongue into beer bottles
like they’re the lovers i’ve always
wanted to have, like i’m tasting the
moon when it’s like sleeping on my sheets,
like i’m nowhere to be found, and nowhere
to be seen

that’s the only pleasure i get when it’s

" We are in hell because
We locked our hearts
In boxes
And shipped them to
Each other’s houses
After we threw away
The key.
I hope you are storing mine
In the space above your bed
So you can feel it’s heartbeat
Still lulling you
To sleep.
As we search for other friendships
With other people
To distract us
And to quell our loneliness
Know that I will get a duplicate
Key made, if you need
Your heart back. I will wrap
It well, mark it fragile, and
Attach sufficient postage.
Let me know when you
Need it. Until then,
It still decorates
My bedroom perfectly. "
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" I didn’t even try to love you, it just happened. "
" And you said baby we
Can’t go on like this
And baby we
Can’t keep living in a dream
Cause the stardust
Can’t last forever
And baby I
Need somewhere to stand on my feet "
" Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge. "